Exploring Research Opportunities on Digital Health and Business Analytics in Higher Education

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yanjiangren:xiaomeng su

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 i will outline the work along the aforementioned two areas: digital health, and business analytics in higher education. in the former i will discuss our recent work on data analytics in welfare technology, where machine learning enhanced biofeedback systems such as exergame are developed to improve movement quality in training and rehabilitation. in the latter, i will briefly go through our work on bi&a maturity model for higher education.


prof. dr. xiaomeng su. associate professor in computer science at the norwegian university of science and technology (ntnu). prior to joining ntnu, she worked seven years at telenor, the incumbent telecom operator in norway. she has extensive industrial experience in implementing large scale ict projects in organizations. su holds a phd degree in computer science from ntnu. she gained her master degree in computer science from renmin univ. in 2000. her recent research has focused on data analytics, machine learning techniques and their applications, in particular within healthcare and higher education. http://www.linkedin.com/in/xiaomeng-su-98362311/